TechLab lives and breathes creation and innovation. In an ever evolving digital world where only those who innovate survive, TechLab not only survives, we prosper.

Across all business units, whether we build proprietary technology, create content, build marketing strategies, generate leads or give solutions to other companies we deliver added value through our ability to innovate and our creativity.

Mobile Content

As the most creative Mobile Entertainment and Media company we chose to focus on value added services for mobile phone users and digital media solutions. With a presence in over 25+ countries and with more than 20 years of experience in mobile monetisation and content distribution, our passionate team of industry experts have been successfully leading the world of mobile content mobile by delivering the best products and services to hundreds of millions of mobile consumers worldwide.


As a Tier 1 aggregator we help innovative companies to use mobile to their best competitive advantage. Facilitating Premium SMS, Direct Carrier Billing and SMS marketing, we bring value added solutions to our markets, communication, and content to millions of mobile users globally.

Lead generation

Leads are the fuel on which marketing teams run. Hot leads are the most cost effective method to generate sales. That is where we can help! TechLab creates online assets that market, filter and convert high potential users into compliant leads for your marketing team. Through our proprietary backend we make sure your marketing team receives validated leads in real time, fully engaged and with consent to be contacted.

Call Center Services

Do you have a product that needs selling? Do you have leads but no way to reach them? Techlab’s outbound call center is the best way to convert leads into sales. Whether you want to use Techlab’s leads or your own, our highly experienced telemarketing team will make sure to transform them into buying customers.

Media Agency

There are over 1.6 Billion websites on the internet, so building an online asset without Media strategy is equivalent to having a store in the middle of the sahara desert. Techlab’s in-house agency creates creative marketing strategies which we employ using our internal media buying team as well as external marketing partners. We focus on sales and leads and only charge for successful results not for the media.

Technical Solutions

We are a technology driven company with leading edge, innovative solutions delivered by our team of IT experts and engineers. Using the latest and industry leading technologies TechLab are able to deliver innovative solutions that provide our customers with the results and growth that are critical to their success and prosperity in the ever evolving digital marketplace.


Incorporated in 2018 by industry veterans TechLab grew to being a global powerhouse spreading across 8 countries and 4 continents. TechLab is a home for veterans who love what they do. Our fuel is pressure, challenges and deadlines. We use them to power our creative minds and produce solutions that work.

Fun Time!

The workplace is more than just the place we do our work, it is a social environment where we spend half our waking hours. It must provide more than just a desk and a computer. This is why we insist on Friday drinks, monthly borrels, Summer events, Christmas parties and so much more.

TechLab will attend the following events, we would love to meet with you.

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