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We offer:

  • Content Solutions
  • Lead Generation and Data Distribution
  • Direct Marketing
  • Mobile Premium Content Delivery

Our innovative mobile and web solutions have, for the past 15 years, supported multiple successful businesses. The dedicated and vastly experienced team behind Techlab ensures our solutions are constantly improved, using the latest technologies, to open new opportunities.

Our team can advise you how to use our solutions, stand alone or multiple combined for maximum results. During setup and after launch we will provide the necessary technical and commercial support to propel your business to the next level. The Tech Lab solutions also have an extensive range of statistics and reporting.


Content Solutions

Consumers are increasingly buying their products and services through online channels. These purchases are nowadays mostly made through mobile phones. Tech Lab delivers any kind of content method that makes mobile and desktop purchases easy for the consumer.

Content handling

our solution can handle Premium SMS, DCB and IVR billing, whatever is your choice.

Technical integration

Our platform is designed to work with external sales tools (e.g. Cake, Voluum) so we can always match your mobile and web traffic to a mobile purchase.

Content delivery

We are specialized in delivering digital goods to your customers mobile phones.

Lead Generation & Data Distribution Solutions


Lead generation is a cost effective way to grow a customer base. By collecting engaged user data a company can use multiple marketing channels to transform those leads to sales. A large user database is crucial to attain sales targets.


Tech-Lab proprietary lead generation and data distribution is the perfect solution to manage all your lead generation activity. Our system will collect any data you require from your online assets, store it, validate it and segment it for your marketing tools. We can then deliver the data to any online destination.

Data Collection

Capturing all required user information.


Make sure the user information is correct

Fraud Detection

Help flag fraudulent traffic sources and block them automatically.

Distribute Leads

We can deliver leads to any online system via Get/POST, XML etc


Each campaign you set can be fully segmented as to deliver only the data you need.

Easy to use interface

Set as many campaigns you need.


Evaluate your cost per lead acquisition vs your revenue from marketing and sales.

Direct Marketing Solutions

To grow a business a company needs to be able to engage with existing and prospective customers. We offer an easy-to-use solution for this that will allow a company to reach these customers through Email, SMS or Push-messages. Our solution works stand-alone, but will give improved results in combination with our Lead generation and data distribution platform and/or mobile content distribution platform.


Connection to multiple ESPs, Segmenting lists through performance, high deliverability, easy to set campaigns and drops scheduling, create email funnels with multiple engagement, Good reporting to see cost of sent vs revenue.


Good deliverability, Send out on both long and short codes, Reporting to make sure ROI goals are met.

Push-messages marketing

Engaging all relevant browsers, autoscaling of images for best response, aggregating of apps, enrich data from your lead generation channel.

Mobile Premium Content Delivery Services

For companies that want to start their own premium mobile content business we offer a complete solution that will kickstart your mobile content business.


Operator connections

Our platform is connected with operators in 20+ countries through multiple aggregators. Upon request new connections can be easily added.


Depending on the country and available technology, Techlab advises on the best possible mix of billing of content to offer to the consumer, along with the implementation of local rules and regulations.


Our extensive reporting and analytics tools means that you can always be on top of your business.

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